Cybersecurity threats and how you can help

Individuals can play a crucial role in cybersecurity at their business by practicing good security habits and adopting a vigilant and proactive approach.

Safeguarding our digital world has become more crucial than ever before. As we navigate the interconnected landscape of technology, the realm of cybersecurity becomes increasingly complex.

Cybercriminals have become experts at social engineering and use increasingly sophisticated techniques to trick you to click malicious links and attachments. Making sure our employees have the knowledge and skills to better defend against these attacks is critical — this includes building awareness and secure behaviors.

How you can help

Individuals can play a crucial role in cybersecurity at their business by practicing good security habits and adopting a vigilant and proactive approach. This can actively contribute to establishing a fortified environment, effectively shielding their business from potential cyberthreats.

Shape your behavior so that it reduces the likelihood and/or impact of security incidents. You can be the greatest security weapon.

Consider how your day-to-day processes and behaviors may be impacted by a security threat and potentially result in a breach. Many incidents are caused by data misuse or human error.

Remote work has increased the risks as you use more home networks and personal devices and make your own decisions about potential threats. Sitting in your home office, your can no longer casually turn to a neighboring colleague and ask whether an email looks authentic.

Notably, the human element heavily impacts cybersecurity risks. It is vital for our employees to stay vigilant and equipped with the necessary knowledge to defend against the ever-evolving techniques employed by cybercriminals. In light of the increasing prevalence of advanced social engineering strategies, such as luring employees into clicking on harmful links, it becomes crucial to equip oneself with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively counteract these attacks.

Your Role in Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is everyone’s job. As an employee, you play a critical role in maintaining a strong cybersecurity posture. Here is what you can do:

Stay Informed:
Keep up to date with the latest cybersecurity trends, threats, and best practices. Be aware of the risks and potential consequences of cyberattacks.

Use Strong and Unique Passwords:
Create complex passwords by not using actual words but a combination of upper case and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols. Avoid reusing the same password across multiple accounts. Consider using a password manager to securely store and manage your passwords.

Be Wary of Phishing:
Be cautious of suspicious emails, ones that might have funny return email addresses, misspellings or typos, links, attachments, and requests for personal information. Verify the source and legitimacy of communications before taking any action.

Keep Software Updated:
Regularly update your operating systems, applications, and antivirus software to ensure you have the latest security patches and protection against known vulnerabilities.

Secure Your Devices:
Protect your work devices with strong passwords or biometric authentication. Enable screen locks, encryption, and remote tracking/wiping capabilities for smartphones and laptops.

Practice Safe Browsing:
Only use secure and reputable websites for online transactions. Avoid visiting suspicious websites that are poorly designed, have misspellings, and a negative reputation. Don’t click on unknown links or download files from untrusted sources. Use secure and reputable websites for online transactions.

Be Mindful of Social Media:
Be cautious about sharing sensitive or personal information. Take a moment and ask yourself if you would be okay with the world knowing what you are about to communicate. Adjust privacy settings to limit access to your personal information.

Report Security Incidents:
If you suspect any cybersecurity incidents, such as phishing attempts, malware infections, or unauthorized access, report them immediately to our IT support team.

Ongoing Training and Support

It is important that organizations are committed to strengthening their cybersecurity awareness and skills. We want to help you stay informed and empowered in this ever-evolving landscape. At Nexus Human we are dedicated to helping individuals and organizations enhance their cybersecurity knowledge and skills.

Remember, cybersecurity is a shared responsibility, and each of us plays a vital role in protecting our team and organization. By practicing good cybersecurity habits, we create a safer work environment for everyone.

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