Business Acumen For Leaders

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2 Days

This course is intended for

Professionals desiring to improve their business planning, financial management, and decision-making skills and practice them in an ethical and professional manner


After completing this course, students will know how to:- Recognize the importance of the big picture in business planning - Leverage financial information to make sound business decisions - Identify the importance of other financial levers to your business - Understand the importance of ethics on long term business success - Appreciate how business etiquette affects your organizational success


Students will learn to understand the mechanics of the organization – reading and interpreting financials, making sound business decisions, and setting a course – while also developing the skills to guide and direct your workforce.

Gaining a Wider Perspective
  • Understanding Business Acumen
  • Improving Long and Short Term Interactions
  • Finding and Recognizing Growth Opportunities
  • Making Mindful Decisions
  • How to Relate to Others
Understanding the Numbers
  • Developing, Defining, and Reporting Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Keeping Up with the Business
  • Understanding Sales, Costs, and Profit Margin
  • Monitoring Assets, Liabilities, Equity, and Financial Ratios
  • Reviewing Income Statements, Balance Sheets, and Cash Flow Statements
Management Considerations
  • Recognizing Talent and Organizational Management
  • Thinking Critically – Asking the Right Questions, Evaluating the Situation, and Making the Decision
  • Leveraging the Organization – Investing in Employees and Customers, Process Improvement, and Goal Alignment
Business Ethics
  • Ensuring Ethical Obligations are Met
  • Understanding Roles and Responsibilities
  • Balancing Personal and Organizational Ethics
  • Managing Ethically – Maintaining the 4 P’s
Business Etiquette
  • Maintaining Etiquette across Communication Platforms – Email, IMs, and Telephone
  • Following Etiquette in Meetings
  • Delivering Etiquette in Customer Interactions

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