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Cisco Operating Cisco IP Fabric for Media Solution v2.0 (IPFMSN)

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3 Days

18 CPD hours

About this course

This course is designed for broadcast engineers.
It might also be of interest to technical solution architects, network engineers, and network administrators.


After taking this course, you should be able to:
Describe the overall solution and how it works, and identify all components of the solution and their functions
Understand initial sizing and capacity
Understand the basic requirements for IPFM
Understand how Non-Blocking Multicast (NBM) and multicast function in the IPFM
Understand and verify Precision Time Protocol (PTP) clocking
Describe the DCNM Media Controller
Demonstrate the DCNM Media Controller configuration and verification
Explain how to deploy an IPFM solution in a high-availability manner
Use the DCNM Media Controller to monitor fabric and to troubleshoot basic connectivity and performance issues
Understand the approach and basic steps involved in responding to alarms and other notifications


The Operating Cisco IP Fabric for Media Solution(IPFMSN) v2.0 course introduces you to the Cisco© IP Fabric for Media (IPFM) solution. The course is designed for broadcast engineers who will use IP technologies to replace Serial Digital Interface (SDI)-based deployments. You will learn about Cisco IPFM deployment, operation, and troubleshooting.The course also covers the Data Center Network Manager (DCNM) Media Controller, a core component of the Cisco IPFM solution. Through lab exercises that focus on building IP fabric as a baseline for a complete IPFM solution, you will learn how to deploy and troubleshoot the DCNM Media Controller to control flows through the fabric.

Course Outline
  • Introducing Cisco IP Fabric for Media
  • Media over IP Standardization
  • Designing Cisco IPFM Solution
  • Building Cisco IP Fabric for Media
  • Exploring Non-Blocking Multicast in Cisco IPFM
  • Describing Cisco DCNM
  • Introducing Cisco DCNM PowerOn Auto Provisioning (POAP) Process
  • Implementing Cisco DCNM Flow and Host Policies
  • Precision Time Protocol
  • Cisco IPFM Operations, Administration, and Management
  • Cisco IPFM High Availability
  • Monitoring and Troubleshooting Cisco IPFM Operation
Additional course details:

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