CompTIA Project Plus Certification (Exam PK0-005)

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5 Days

This course is intended for

This course is ideal for IT pros looking to learn hands-on, entry-level project management skills.
Junior IT project manager
Project coordinator
QA leads
SCRUM masters
Development leads
Product owners
Level II help desk technicians
Associate / business analysts
Project control analysts (PMO team members)


At course completion, you will have gained the knowledge to
Manage the project life cycle
Coordinate small-to-medium-size projects
Establish an appropriate communication plan while managing resources and stakeholders and maintaining project documentation
Support the completion of larger projects within an IT environment


This course explores waterfall and agile methodologies of project management, giving the learner the knowledge and skills required to manage the project life cycle, coordinate small-to-medium-sized projects, establish a communication plan, manage resources and stakeholders, maintain project documentation and artifacts, and support the completion of larger projects within an information technology (IT) environment.

Preparing for the Project
  • Topic 1A: Understand Project Management Basics
  • Topic 1B: Develop the Business Case
  • Topic 1C: Identify Project Characteristics
Selecting the Project Framework
  • Topic 2A: Identify Project Methodologies
  • Topic 2B: Compare Agile and Waterfall Projects
Initiating the Project
  • Topic 3A: Build a Project Team
  • Topic 3B: Prepare Project Initiation Documents
Facilitating Effective Meetings
  • Topic 4A: Lead Effective Meetings
  • Topic 4B: Use Project Management Tools
  • Topic 4C: Create a Communication Plan
Implementing Solution Design
  • Topic 5A: Create a Solution Design Document
  • Topic 5B: Evaluate IT Infrastructure Needs
Managing Resources
  • Topic 6A: Describe the Resource Life Cycle
  • Topic 6B: Conduct a Needs Assessment
Managing Risk
  • Topic 7A: Identify and Analyze Risk
  • Topic 7B: Treat and Monitor Risk
Creating a Project Schedule
  • Topic 8A: Define Units of Work
  • Topic 8B: Sequence the Activities
Creating a Project Plan
  • Topic 9A: Refine the Timeline
  • Topic 9B: Establish Project Baselines
  • Topic 9C: Create a Quality Assurance Plan
Procuring Solutions
  • Topic 10A: Compare Procurement Options
  • Topic 10B: Evaluate and Select Vendors
Managing Project Execution
  • Topic 11A: Document Progress
  • Topic 11B: Communicate Progress
Managing Issues and Changes
  • Topic 12A: Resolve Issues
  • Topic 12B: Control Changes
Managing Performance
  • Topic 13A: Measure Performance
  • Topic 13B: Maintain the Project Schedule
Wrapping Up the Project
  • Topic 14A: Prepare for Project Closure
  • Topic 14B: Close the Project

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