Discovering Your Leadership Voice

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2 Days

This course is intended for

Professionals who want to develop or strengthen their leadership position.


After completing this course, students will know how to:
- Enhance your leadership effectiveness through your message
- Communicate with greater openness and authenticity
- Craft compelling messages that connect people to purpose
- Engage, motivate, and inspire others to embrace change
- Apply your leadership voice to increase your impact and influence


Leaders inspire followership in others. Whether speaking conversationally or presenting before a group, a powerful leadership message delivered with impact and focused on the needs of the audience, can motivate and energize others.

Leading with Authenticity
  • Adopting a Structured Approach
  • Linking Authenticity and Awareness
  • Enhancing Self-Awareness
  • Applying the Johari Window
Your Leadership Voice
  • Becoming an Authentic Leader
  • Assessing Key Competencies
  • Defining Your Leadership Purpose
A Compelling Vision
  • Crafting Your Vision for Change
  • Clarifying Goals and Outcomes
Crafting Your Message
  • Speaking with Credibility, Emotion, and Logic
  • Leading from Anywhere
  • Applying Techniques for Engaging Others
  • Engaging Through Storytelling
Delivering Your Message
  • Bridging Different Thinking
  • Flexing Communication Styles
  • Adjusting for Style and Impact
Reviewing Your Results
  • Reviewing and Adjusting
  • Taking an Iterative Approach
  • Repeating, Reiterating, and Building Support

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