Effective Leadership through Coaching

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2 Days

This course is intended for

Anyone managing the performance of others, including executives, managers, supervisors and team leaders will benefit from this course.


After completing this workshop, students will be able to:
Explain how coaching can help employees achieve their full potential
Recognize common coaching challenges
Explain the key principles of the Thought model
Explain the four steps of the GROW model
Identify important guidelines for providing feedback
Apply strategies that will motivate employees


The most successful leaders recognize that their success depends upon the success of those they lead. Enabling others to grow and fulfil their potential by coaching them to discover and apply their talents and strengths is a core competency of leadership.

The Purpose and Effect of Coaching
  • What is Coaching?
  • Characteristics and Beliefs of the Effective Coach
  • Coaching Obstacles
  • Knowing When to Manage and When to Coach
Coaching and The Thought Model
  • The CFTAR Thought Model
  • Point of View and Belief Systems
  • Applying The Thought Model
  • Facts vs. Stories
Coaching with the GROW Model
  • Goals in the Context of GROW
  • Clarifying the Current Reality
  • Exploring the Past
  • Developing Options and Choosing the Approach
  • Creating the Final Plan
Navigating The Coaching Process
  • Dimensions of Trust
  • Identifying Obstacles and the SPAR Process
  • Overcoming Resistance
  • Giving Feedback Effectively
  • Motivating Your Employee

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