Evolving into the Manager Role

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3 Days

This course is intended for

New managers wanting to become skilled in their management roles.


After completing this course, students will know how to:- Describe the roles that a manager has in an organization- Identify and nurture talent in your team- Build a management vision for success- Create strategies to motivate and empower your team- Combine leadership qualities and influence skills to motivate your team- Plan and manage effective meetings


In this course, students will learn how to confidently acquire and build these skills through relevant discussions, team and individual activities.

The Manager’s Role
  • Distinguishing a Manager’s Role from Function
  • Understanding Interpersonal, Informational, and Decision Roles
Building a Shared Vision
  • Defining a Shared Vision
  • Building a Strong Vision
  • Creating and Communicating a Vision Statement
  • Identifying Benefits of Your Vision
Leadership and Influence
  • Identifying the Characteristics and Qualities of a Leader
  • Modeling the Way and Enabling Others to Act
  • Encouraging Your Inner Innovator and Mastering the Art of Persuasion
  • Creating Mutual Respect
  • Effectively Communicating and Reasoning with Others
Nurturing Talent
  • Calibrating Talent
  • Finding and Nurturing the Attributes that Meet Your Requirements
  • Articulating Culture and Hiring for a Cultural Fit
  • Looking to the Future – Developing and Executing a Plan
  • Succession Planning
  • Creating and Fostering Employee Engagement
  • Coaching, Training, and Development
Delegation and Empowerment
  • Working with Workgroups and Teams
  • Delegating
  • Progress Tracking and Reviewing Results
Building a Better Meeting
  • Planning and Preparing a Meeting
  • Identifying Proper Participants
  • Creating an Agenda
  • Evaluating the Use of Technology

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