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Analyze the components of Emotional Intelligence Explain the principles of self-awareness Implement Emotional Intelligence for better communications and first impressions Demonstrate how to balance positive and negative emotions Use principles of mental resilience to navigate difficult relationships and situations

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1. The Origins Of EI
  • Redefining Intelligence
  • Introducing Emotional Intelligence
  • The Benefits of EI Competence
  • EI First Steps
  • 5 Components of Emotional Intelligence
2. Learning The Elements Of EI
  • Can you learn EI
  • Understanding EI Appraisals
  • Emotional Intelligence 2.0
  • Personal and social proficiencies
  • Emotional Honesty
3. The Value of Self-Awareness
  • Defining the self
  • The Physical Self
  • The Emotional Self
  • The Mental Self
  • The Spiritual Self
4. Enhancing Your Communication With EI
  • Emotions and how we perceive the world
  • The Powerful First Impression
  • Focused Listening
  • Building Rapport and Emotional Empathy
5. Using Positive and Negative Emotions
  • Building Personal Wellness
  • The Gratitude Mindset
  • The Power of Negative Emotions
  • The Lessons of Regret
  • Cultivating Enthusiasm, Confidence and Efficacy
6. Creating Balance and Authenticity with Others
  • Giving In Without Giving Up
  • Building Mental Resilience
  • Difficult People, Difficult Situations
  • Disagreeing Constructively
  • Authentic Leadership
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