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Fast Track to Scala Programming for OO / Java Developers (TTSCL2104)

4.6 out of 5 rating

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4 Days

24 CPD hours

About this course

This course is geared for experienced skilled Java developers, software developers, data scientists, machine learning experts or others who wish to transtion their coding skills to Scala, learning how to code in Scala and apply it in a practical way. This is not a basic class.


Working in a hands-on learning environment led by our expert instructor you’ll:
Get comfortable with Scala's core principles and unique features, helping you navigate the language confidently and boosting your programming skills.
Discover the power of functional programming and learn techniques that will make your code more efficient,maintainable, and enjoyable to write.
Become proficient in creating dynamic web applications using the Play Framework, and easily connect to databases with the user-friendly Slick library.
Master concurrency programming with Akka, empowering you to build scalable and fault-tolerant applications that excel in performance.
Enhance your testing skills using ScalaTest and ScalaCheck, ensuring the reliability and quality of your Scala applications, while having fun in the process.
Explore the fascinating world of generative AI and GPT technologies, and learn how to integrate them into your projects,adding a touch of innovation and intelligence to your Scala solutions.
If your team requires different topics, additional skills or a custom approach, our team will collaborate with you to adjust the course to focus on your specific learning objectives and goals.


Discover the power of Scala programming in our comprehensive, hands-on technical training course designed specifically for experienced object-oriented (OO) developers. Scala is a versatile programming language that combines the best of both OO and functional programming paradigms, making it ideal for a wide range of projects, from web applications to big data processing and machine learning. By mastering Scala, you'll be able to develop more efficient, scalable, and maintainable applications. Fast Track to Scala Programming for OO / Java Developers is a four day hands-on course covers the core principles of Scala, functional programming, web application development, database connectivity, concurrency programming, testing, and interoperability between Scala and Java. Additionally, you'll explore cutting-edge generative AI and GPT technologies, learning how to integrate them into your Scala applications for intelligent suggestions or automation. Throughout the course you ll explore the latest tools and best practices in the Scala ecosystem, gaining valuable knowledge and experience that can be directly applied to your day-to-day work. With 50% of the course content dedicated to hands-on labs, you'll gain practical experience applying the concepts you've learned across various projects, such as building functional web applications, connecting to databases, designing modular components, and implementing concurrency. Upon completing the course, you'll have a solid understanding of the language and its features, empowering you to confidently apply your new skills in data science and machine learning projects. You'll exit well-prepared to create efficient, scalable, and maintainable Scala applications, regardless of the complexity of your projects.

Introduction to Scala
  • Scala features and benefits
  • Comparing Scala with Java and other OO languages
  • Installing Scala and setting up the development environment
Object-Oriented Programming in Scala
  • Classes and objects
  • Traits, mixins, and inheritance
  • Companion objects and factories
  • Encapsulation and polymorphism
Functional Programming Basics
  • Pure functions and referential transparency
  • Higher-order functions and currying
  • Immutability and persistent data structures
  • Pattern matching and recursion
Having Fun with Functional Data Structures
  • Lists, sets, and maps in Scala
  • Folding and reducing operations
  • Stream processing and lazy evaluation For-comprehensions
Building Web Applications in Functional Style
  • Introduction to Play Framework
  • Functional web routing and request handling
  • JSON handling with Play-JSON
  • Middleware and functional composition
Connecting to a Database
  • Introduction to Slick library
  • Database configuration and setup
  • Querying and updating with Slick
  • Transactions and error handling
Building Scalable and Extensible Components
  • Modular architecture and design patterns
    Dependency injection with MacWire
    Type classes and type-level programming
    Implicit parameters and conversions
Concurrency Programming & Akka
  • Introduction to Akka framework and Actor model
  • Actor systems and message passing
  • Futures and Promises
  • Supervision and fault tolerance
Building Confidence with Testing
  • Introduction to ScalaTest and ScalaCheck
  • Unit testing and property-based testing
  • Test-driven development in Scala
  • Mocking and integration testing
Interoperability between Scala and Java
  • Calling Java code from Scala
  • Using Java libraries in Scala projects
  • Converting Java collections to Scala collections
  • Writing Scala code that can be called from Java
Using Generative AI and GPT
  • Technologies in Scala Programming
  • Overview of GPT and generative AI
  • Integrating GPT with Scala applications
  • Use cases and practical examples
Additional course details:

Nexus Humans Fast Track to Scala Programming for OO / Java Developers (TTSCL2104) training program is a workshop that presents an invigorating mix of sessions, lessons, and masterclasses meticulously crafted to propel your learning expedition forward.

This immersive bootcamp-style experience boasts interactive lectures, hands-on labs, and collaborative hackathons, all strategically designed to fortify fundamental concepts.

Guided by seasoned coaches, each session offers priceless insights and practical skills crucial for honing your expertise. Whether you're stepping into the realm of professional skills or a seasoned professional, this comprehensive course ensures you're equipped with the knowledge and prowess necessary for success.

While we feel this is the best course for the Fast Track to Scala Programming for OO / Java Developers (TTSCL2104) course and one of our Top 10 we encourage you to read the course outline to make sure it is the right content for you.

Additionally, private sessions, closed classes or dedicated events are available both live online and at our training centres in Dublin and London, as well as at your offices anywhere in the UK, Ireland or across EMEA.

Training Insurance Included!

When you organise training, we understand that there is a risk that some people may fall ill, become unavailable. To mitigate the risk we include training insurance for each delegate enrolled on our public schedule, they are welcome to sit on the same Public class within 6 months at no charge, if the case arises.

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