MB-220T00 Dynamics 365 for Marketing

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4 Days

This course is intended for

This course is designed for IT or marketing professionals who want to learn how to leverage Dynamics 365 Marketing for businesses.


Configure advanced settings
Manage marketing content, templates and integrations
Create and manage leads
Design and create marketing forms and pages
Create and manage segments
Set up and launch customer journeys
Create and manage events
Distribute and analyze surveys


This course will review the marketing application configuration needed to drive business growth. It will also dive into lead management, marketing forms and pages, segmentation, and email marketing messages. All these pieces are tied together through interactive customer journey design, including event and survey configuration.

Module 1: Configure Dynamics 365 Marketing
  • Set up and manage Dynamics 365 Marketing
  • Configure marketing settings
  • Domain authentication, email best practices, and GDPR
  • Manage assets and content settings
Module 2: Manage customers in Dynamics 365 Marketing
  • Manage accounts and contacts
  • Create and manage leads
  • Perform account-based marketing
  • Configure a lead scoring model
Module 3: Manage marketing forms and pages
  • Manage forms
  • Manage marketing pages
Module 4: Manage segments and subscription centers
  • Create and manage segments
  • Manage subscription centers and double opt-in
Module 5: Manage emails and journeys in Dynamics 365 Marketing
  • Create marketing emails
  • Create customer journeys
  • Manage content, event triggers and journeys in real-time marketing
  • Manage website visits, redirect URLs, and social postings
Module 6: Manage events
  • Create an event
  • Create a webinar event
  • Promote and manage events
  • Advanced event management features
Module 7: Create surveys with Dynamics 365 Customer Voice
  • Create a survey project
  • Create surveys with Dynamics 365 Customer Voice
  • Send Dynamics 365 Customer Voice surveys
Module 8: Analyze insights in Dynamics 365 Marketing
  • Evaluate marketing initiatives with analytics
  • Review the marketing calendar

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