MS-700T00 Managing Microsoft Teams

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4 Days

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Students in this course are interested in Microsoft Teams or in passing the Microsoft Teams Administrator Associate certification exam. A Microsoft Teams administrator plans, deploys, configures, and manages Microsoft Teams to focus on efficient and effective collaboration and communication in a Microsoft 365 environment. A Microsoft Teams administrator must be able to plan, deploy, and manage teams, chat, apps, channels, meetings, audio/video conferencing, live events, calling, and Teams certified devices. A Microsoft Teams administrator has experience integrating Microsoft Teams with SharePoint, OneDrive, Exchange, Microsoft 365 Groups, and other Microsoft, third-party, and custom apps. A Microsoft Teams administrator understands and collaborates with other workloads and roles, such as Network, Voice, Identity, Access, Devices, Licensing, Security, Compliance, Information management, and User Adoption.


What is Microsoft Teams and how the components work together
How to implement Governance, Security and Compliance for Microsoft Teams
How to prepare an organizations environment for a Microsoft Teams deployment
How to deploy and manage teams
How to manage collaboration and communication experiences in Microsoft Teams
Techniques to manage and troubleshoot communication in Microsoft Teams


In this course, you will learn about various Teams management tools, security and compliance feature for Teams, network requirement for Teams deployment as well as different Teams settings and policies for managing collaboration and communication experience in Teams. You will learn about Teams architecture. Specifically, you will learn about the integration between Microsoft Teams and various workloads and services in Microsoft 365. You will learn about security and compliance features for Teams, including conditional access, MFA, Threat, alerts, DLP policies, eDiscovery, and information barrier policies. You will also learn about preparing the environment for a Microsoft Teams deployment, including upgrading from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams, network settings, and managing Microsoft Teams endpoints. Lastly, you will learn about how to create and manage teams, manage membership, including internal and external users. You will further learn about different settings and policies to manage collaboration and communication experiences in Microsoft Teams.

Get started with managing Microsoft Teams
  • Explore Microsoft Teams
  • Deploy and manage Microsoft Teams
  • Implement governance and lifecycle management for Microsoft Teams
Implement security and compliance for Microsoft Teams
  • Manage access for external users
  • Implement security for Microsoft Teams
  • Implement compliance for Microsoft Teams
Prepare the environment for a Microsoft Teams deployment
  • Transition from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams
  • Plan and configure network settings for Microsoft Teams
Manage chat, teams, channels, and apps in Microsoft Teams
  • Create and manage teams
  • Manage collaboration experiences for chat and channels
  • Manage apps for Microsoft Teams
Manage meetings and virtual events in Microsoft Teams
  • Manage meetings and virtual events experiences
  • Configure and manage Microsoft Teams devices
Manage calling in Microsoft Teams
  • Manage phone numbers
  • Manage Phone System for Microsoft Teams
  • Troubleshot audio, video, and client issues

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