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Python Introduction

4.6 out of 5 rating

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3.5 Days

21 CPD hours

About this course

This course is aimed at students new to the language who may or may not have experience with other programming languages.


Learn how Python works and what it's good for.
Understand Python's place in the world of programming languages
Learn to work with and manipulate strings in Python.
Learn to perform math operations with Python.
Learn to work with Python sequences: lists, arrays, dictionaries, and sets.
Learn to collect user input and output results.
Learn flow control processing in Python.
Learn to write to and read from files using Python.
Learn to write functions in Python.
Learn to handle exceptions in Python.
Learn to work with dates and times in Python.


In this Python training course by Webucator, Inc, students learn to program in Python.

Python Basics
  • Running Python
  • Hello, World!
  • Literals
  • Python Comments
  • Data Types
  • Variables
  • Writing a Python Module
  • print() Function
  • Named Arguments
  • Collecting User Input
  • Getting Help
Functions and Modules
  • Defining Functions
  • Variable Scope
  • Global Variables
  • Function Parameters
  • Returning Values
  • Importing Modules
  • Arithmetic Operators
  • Modulus and Floor Division
  • Assignment Operators
  • Built-in Math Functions
  • The math Module
  • The random Module
  • Seeding
Python Strings
  • Quotation Marks and Special Characters
  • String Indexing
  • Slicing Strings
  • Concatenation and Repetition
  • Common String Methods
  • String Formatting
  • Built-in String Functions
Iterables: Sequences, Dictionaries, and Sets
  • Definitions
  • Sequences
  • Unpacking Sequences
  • Dictionaries
  • The len() Function
  • Sets
  • *args and **kwargs
Flow Control
  • Conditional Statements
  • The is and is not Operators
  • Python's Ternary Operator
  • Loops in Python
  • The enumerate() Function
  • Generators
  • List Comprehensions
File Processing
  • Opening Files
  • The os and os.path Modules
Exception Handling
  • Wildcard except Clauses
  • Getting Information on Exceptions
  • The else Clause
  • The finally Clause
  • Using Exceptions for Flow Control
  • Exception Hierarchy
Dates and Times
  • Understanding Time
  • The time Module
  • The datetime Module
Running Python Scripts from the Command Line
  • The sys Module
  • sys.argv
Additional course details:

Nexus Humans Python Introduction training program is a workshop that presents an invigorating mix of sessions, lessons, and masterclasses meticulously crafted to propel your learning expedition forward.

This immersive bootcamp-style experience boasts interactive lectures, hands-on labs, and collaborative hackathons, all strategically designed to fortify fundamental concepts.

Guided by seasoned coaches, each session offers priceless insights and practical skills crucial for honing your expertise. Whether you're stepping into the realm of professional skills or a seasoned professional, this comprehensive course ensures you're equipped with the knowledge and prowess necessary for success.

While we feel this is the best course for the Python Introduction course and one of our Top 10 we encourage you to read the course outline to make sure it is the right content for you.

Additionally, private sessions, closed classes or dedicated events are available both live online and at our training centres in Dublin and London, as well as at your offices anywhere in the UK, Ireland or across EMEA.

Training Insurance Included!

When you organise training, we understand that there is a risk that some people may fall ill, become unavailable. To mitigate the risk we include training insurance for each delegate enrolled on our public schedule, they are welcome to sit on the same Public class within 6 months at no charge, if the case arises.

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