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U5TR712 - IBM Maximo Asset Management - System Administration and Development v7.6x

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5 Days

30 CPD hours

About this course

The audience includes implementers, developers, system administrators, project teams, database administrators and engine project technical teams. The audience also includes consultants that are looking to gain an understanding of Maximo Asset Management 7.6.0.x and the engine.


After completing this course, you should be able to perform the following tasks:
List the components of Tivoli's process automation engine
Understand Maximo modules and applications
Understand Tivoli's Process Automation Engine
Create the foundation data necessary for Maximo Asset Management
Customize the engine database and applications
Automate IBM Service Management applications using workflows
Use the Maximo Work Centers
Use the Integration Framework to import and export data


This course is designed for anyone planning to use Maximo Asset Management and Tivoli's process automation engine with one of the IBM System Management (ISM) products. It is a course that introduces you to the features and functions of both products.

IBM Maximo Asset Management Overview
  • This unit focuses on Maximo as an overall product and how Maximo assists companies with their asset management lifecycle.
Tivoli Process Automation Engine
  • This unit describes the functions of Tivolis process automation engine and introduces the products that are based on the engine. This unit also introduces Start Centers and basic navigation.
Architecture and components
  • This unit covers the architecture of Tivolis process automation engine. The various components that make up the system are described. The unit will address Java EE servers and the basic use of WebSphere© as it relates to the engine. The unit then covers the organization of the administrative workstation and system properties. The unit briefly describes the setup of the system for using attachments.
Foundation Data
  • This unit covers the creation of foundation data for Tivolis process automation engine. The foundation data is the software constructs that are necessary in the basic configuration of the product. These constructs include organizations, sites, locations, classifications, and various engine financial configurations.
  • Security addresses the need to protect system resources from unauthorized access by unauthenticated users. Resources in the system are protected by Authentication and Authorization.
Database architecture
  • This unit illustrates the possible database configurations using the Database Configuration application. It also presents specific command lines that you can run to configure the changes made on the attributes of business objects using the Database Configuration application.
Work Management
  • Work Management is a collection of components and products that work together to form a powerful process and work management system. This unit provides a look at work management and focuses on using Work Management to generate, process, and complete work orders.
Customizing an application
  • This unit provides an overview of the Application Designer and Migration Manager. You will learn how to change, duplicate and create applications. You will learn the process to move from development, integration testing, user acceptance testing and moving to production.
  • This unit provides a high-level overview of key automation application programs and their functionality. It describes cron tasks, which are used to automate jobs in the system. The unit then discusses various communication tools in the system such as Communication Templates and the E mail Listener application. Finally, automated means of notification using escalations and actions are covered.
  • This unit focuses on workflow. You learn about the Workflow Designer and its tools. You also learn how to modify an existing workflow and how to manage the included workflows.
  • This unit provides an overview of the data analysis and reporting options that you can use in the system to analyze data. You create query by example (QBE) reports, result sets, key performance indicators (KPI), and query-based reports (QBRs). Students can optionally review Appendix A to learn how to create a simple enterprise report using Business Intelligence Reporting Tools (BIRT) designer. This report provides an example of how developers create more complex, widely used reports for users.
Integration Framework
  • In this unit, a high-level overview of the Integration Framework is provided. The Integration Framework architecture and components are described and basic configuration steps are described. The configuration and steps for loading and exporting data to and from the system are covered. You have the opportunity to practice them also.
Budget Monitoring
  • This unit provides information on a new feature introduced in Maximo, the Budget Monitoring application. In this application, you can create budget records to monitor transactions in a financial period.
Inspection Tools and Tasks
  • This unit introduces the new Inspection application. You can use the Inspections tools to create online inspection forms by using your desktop computer or laptop, and you can use the forms to complete an inspection by using your desktop computer, laptop, or tablet.
  • This unit focuses on troubleshooting as a systematic approach to solving a problem. The goal is to determine why something does not work as expected and to resolve the problem. It discusses the configuration of logging in the application. It also covers basic troubleshooting techniques, some important component logs, and information about obtaining help from Tivoli Support.
Additional course details:

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