ADV-SDWAN-CT - Advanced Cisco SD-WAN Routing, Templates, Policy Configure, and Tshoot

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5 Days

30 CPD hours


SDWAN Review
Advanced Template Design and Troubleshooting
Advanced Security Policies on vEdge and IOS-XE Platforms
Advanced Local Policies on vEdge and IOS-XE Platforms
Advanced Central Policies on vEdge and IOS-XE Platforms
Advanced Troubleshooting of Policies on vEdge and IOS-XE Platforms


In this Advanced Lab focused SDWAN Course, Students willExplore and Troubleshoot the initials environmentLearn Advanced Techniques to Deploy Templates with the theme of reusabilityDeploy and Troubleshoot Transport BridgingDeploy and Troubleshoot Routing including OSPF, BGP, EIGRPDeploy and Troubleshoot Multicast RoutingDesign, Configure, and Troubleshoot Advanced Security PoliciesDesign, Configure, and Troubleshoot Local PoliciesDesign, Configure, and Troubleshoot Application Aware RoutingDesign, Configure, and Troubleshoot Quality of ServiceDesign, Configure, and Troubleshoot Central Policies Including Hub Spoke, Full Mesh and Custom TopologiesDesign, Configure, and Troubleshoot Central Policies Including Service ChainingDesign, Configure, and Troubleshoot Central Policies Including Traffic Rules & CFLOW

Cisco SD-WAN Overview
  • Dashboard
    SD-WAN Architecture
    SD-WAN WAN Edges
    SD-WAN Controllers
    SD-WAN Fabric
SD-WAN Advanced Settings
  • Advanced Controller Settings
    Overlay and vEdge Recommended Settings
    Forward Error Correction (FEC)
    Packet Duplication
    System IP Design
    LTE Operation
SD-WAN High Availability
  • Controller High Availability
    Controller Scalability
    Active vManage, Backup Inactive vManage
    Clustering vManages
    Disaster Recovery
SD-WAN Templates
  • Template Overview
    Future Templates
    Device template using Future Templates
    Device template using CLI Templates
    Designing templates for Reusability
    Attaching Devices to Templates
  • Transparent Bridging
    Bridging Template Configuration
    cEdge Bridging Template Configuration
    vEdge Bridging Template Configuration
    Monitoring Bridging
Routing Protocols
  • Static Routes
    Dynamic Routing Protocols
  • Multicast Terms
    vEdge Multicast Support
    cEdge Multicast Support
    Multicast RPs
    Multicast Replicators
Network Optimization
  • Optimization Overview
    TCP Optimization
    vEdge Optimization Requirements
    vEdge Optimization Implementation
    cEdge (IOS-XE) Optimization Requirements
    cEdge (IOS-XE) Optimization Implementation
    Per Tunnel QoS
Direct Internet Access (DIA) Overview
  • SD-WAN Direct Internet Access (DIA)
    SD-WAN DIA Requirements
    SD-WAN Direct Internet Access Use Cases
    SD-WAN Direct Internet Access Design Components
    SD-WAN Direct Internet Access Design Considerations
    SD-WAN Direct Internet Access Failover Scenarios
    Cisco SD-WAN Direct Internet Access Monitoring
Unified Communications
  • Voice Integration in SD-WAN
    Voice Feature Templates
    Voice Policies
    IOS-XE UC Device Template
SD-WAN Security Policy
  • Authentication/Encryption/Integrity
    IPS (Snort)
    URL Filtering
    Web Layer Security
    Pairwise IPsec Keys
SD-WAN Local Policy
  • Policy Configuration Overview
    Policy Framework-Localized Policies
    Local Control Policy
    Local Control (Route) Policy
    Localized Control Policy Configuration
    Local Data Policy
    Configure Localized Data Policy for IPv4
SD-WAN Central Policy
  • Policy Creation and Management Guidelines
    Centralized Data Policies
    Application Aware Routing
    Service Chaining
    Traffic Flow Monitoring with Cflowd
    Policy Construction
    Platform Support and Scalability
SDWAN Migration
  • Sequence of Migration
    Migration Planning
    DC/Hub Site Migration
    Branch/Spoke Site Migration
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