CE031 IBM DB2 Family Fundamentals

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2 Days

12 CPD hours

This course is intended for

This basic course is for persons needing an introductory knowledge of DB2, and persons preparing for advanced and specialized DB2 education.


List and describe the major components of IBM's relational database, DB2
Explain the characteristics of a DB2 table
Relate the basic concepts of data modeling
Comprehend the processing instructions given to DB2 via simple SQL statements
List and describe several ways to build (write) and execute SQL statements
List and describe steps needed to imbed SQL statements in an application program
Explain some of the functions performed by, and the responsibilities of, database and system administrators
Establish a base for more specialized DB2 education


This course provides information about the functions of IBM's DB2, a relational database manager which may be installed under a variety of operating systems on many hardware platforms (e.g., z/OS, VM, Linux, UNIX, Windows, etc.)

Understanding a Table
  • Identify the advantages of a relational database
    Define a relation
    Name the language used to talk to a relational database manager (RDBM)
    List three characteristics assigned to each column
    Define the tasks performed by DB2 when running an application
Data Modeling and Database Design
  • State the purpose of a business model
    Identify an Entity-Relational Diagram (ERD) model
    List several DB2 column data types
    Identify non-standard column and table names
    Identify the characteristics of a primary key and a foreign key
    State the purpose of re
How does a User use DB2?
  • List several ways to talk to DB2
    List multiple ways to generate an SQL statement
    List several ways to ADD, REMOVE, or CHANGE table rows
    List several ways to READ data and produce reports
How does a Programmer use DB2?
  • List the steps needed to create a test environment
    List the necessary steps to coding SQL in a program
    Describe the purpose of SQL delimiters
    Describe the purpose of an SQLCA
    List the steps involved in preparing a program for execution
    State the differenc
What does an Administrator do in DB2?
  • List some of the tasks performed by a DB2 System Administrator: Identifying the DB2 product, Installing DB2, Creating subsystems/instances, databases and table spaces, Authorizing, and Monitoring
    List some of the tasks performed by a DB2 Database Administ
Information Management with DB2
  • List several planning considerations for distributing data
    List some of the skills required to successfully distribute data
    Differentiate between remote unit of work, distributed unit of work, and distributed request
    List some of the security concerns whe
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