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5 Days

30 CPD hours


Upon completing this course, you will be able to meet the following objectives:
SD-WAN Overview
Cloud Concepts
Cloud Technologies
SD-WAN Direct Cloud Access (DCA)
Cloud On-RAMP for IAAS (AWS)
Cloud On-RAMP for IAAS (AZURE)
Cloud Configuration for GCP


This is a 5 day hands-on course on Cisco SD-WAN Cloud Configuration, Monitoring and Troubleshooting. This course provides the student with the knowledge to connect SD-WAN to SaaS Applications, as well as the ability to connect their Branches to AWS, AZURE, GCP Data Centers in the Cloud. Students will also learn how to Configure, Monitor, and Troubleshoot SD-WAN Co-Locations and SD-WAN Multicloud.

SD-WAN Overview
  • SD-WAN Controller
    SD-WAN WAN Edges supported in Cloud Instances
Cloud Concepts
  • Cloud Ops vs WAN Ops
    Cloud Connectivity
    Cloud Access Control
    Cloud Network Connectivity
    Cloud Regions
    Cloud Availability Zones
    Virtual Networks
    Cloud Routing
    Internet Gateways VS VPN Gateways
    VPC/VNET: IP Addressing
    Cloud Network Load Balancing
    Cloud Peering
    Cloud Transit Networks
Cloud Technologies
  • Azure
    Azure Basics
    Resource Groups
    Availability zones
    Availability Set
    Workload and Public IP
    Network Virtual Appliance
    Load Balancer
    User Defined Routes
    Network Security Group
    VPN Gateway
    Express Routes
    Creating VNET for SDWAN
    AWS Basics
    Availability zones
    EC2 Instance
    Elastic IPs
    Security Groups
    Internet Gateway
    NAT Gateway
    Route Table
    VPN Gateway
    Direct Connect
    Elastic Load Balancer
    Subscribe to Amazon machine images
    Setting AWS resource limits
    AWS Transit Gateways
    Creating VPC for SDWAN
    AWS IAM Role
    AWS Security Groups
    Service limits
    AWS SSH key pair
    Google Cloud
    GCP Basics
    Virtual Private Cloud
    Availability Zone
    Compute Engine
    Cloud Load Balancer
    Cloud DNS
    VPC Routing
    Cloud VPN & VPC peering
    VPC Firewall Rules
SD-WAN Direct Cloud Access (DCA)
  • DCA Prerequisites
    DNS on VPN 0
    Central Policy Configuration
    Match Traffic
    Set QOS
    Set External Access
  • Supported Platforms and Versions
    SaaS Prerequisites
    DNS on VPN 0
    SaaS Access Methods
    Cloud Access through Direct Internet Access Links
    Cloud Access through a Gateway Site
    Hybrid Approach
    Supported SaaS Applications
    SaaS Security Options
    SaaS Configuration
    Common Scenarios for Using Cloud onRamp for SaaS
    Specify Office 365 Traffic Category
    Enable Cloud onRamp for SaaS, Cisco IOS XE SD-WAN Devices
    Configure Applications for Cloud onRamp for SaaS Using Cisco vManage
    Configure Sites for Cloud onRamp for SaaS Using Cisco vManage
    View Details of Monitored Applications
Cloud On-RAMP for IAAS (AWS)
  • Prerequisite AWS Configuration
    Verify prerequisites
    Configure AWS for Cisco SD-WAN
    Cloud On-RAMP for AWS Overview
    Define WAN Edge Type used
    Define Template
    Attach Devices to Template
    Deploy Cloud Onramp
    AWS IAM Role
    Select Region
    Select CPU and Memory
    Transit Networking IP Addresses
    Discover and Map Host VPCs
    AWS to SD-WAN Security
    Monitor Cisco Cloud Onramp for AWS
    Troubleshoot Cisco Cloud Onramp for AWS
    Interconnecting Cisco SD-WAN with AWS Transit Gateway (TGW)
Cloud On-RAMP for IAAS (AZURE)
  • Prerequisite AZURE Configuration
    Cloud On-RAMP for AZURE
    Configure AWS for Cisco SD-WAN
    Define WAN Edge Type used
    Define Template
    Attach Devices to Template
    Deploy Cloud Onramp
    Select Region
    Discover and Map Host VPCs
    Monitor Cisco Cloud Onramp for Azure
    Troubleshoot Cisco Cloud Onramp for AZURE
    Azure Virtual Wan (VWAN) Integration
Cloud Configuration for GCP
  • Prerequisite GCP Configuration
    SD-WAN Configuration
    Configure Google Cloud for SD-WAN
    Google Cloud
    GCP Basics
    Deploy cEdge Catalyst 8000V Edges
    Setup IPSEC Connections
    Setup BGP Connections
  • AWS Transit Gateway
    Microsoft vWAN
    Create Cisco Cloud GW
    Discover host VPCs/VNets
    Map Branch nets to VPCs
    Colocation facilities
    Cisco Colocation Equipment
    Cisco Cloud Services Platform 5444
    Cisco Network Function Virtualization Infrastructure Software (NFVIS)
    Virtual Network Functions
    Network Fabric
    Cisco Catalyst 9500-48Y4C switch
    Cisco Catalyst 9500-40X switch
    Device Configuration and Connectivity
    Sizing the Colocation Solution Devices
    Cisco Colocation Manager
    Deploy Network Services at the Network Edge
    Colocation Solution?Deployment Workflow
    Monitor Cisco SD-WAN Colocation Devices
    Cisco Colocation Manager States for Switch Configuration
    Cisco Colocation Manager States and Transitions from Host
    Cisco Colocation Manager Notifications
    VM Alarms
    Cloud Services Platform Real-Time Commands
    Colocation High Availability
    Troubleshoot Cisco SD-WAN Cloud onRamp for Colocation Solution
    Troubleshoot Catalyst 9500 Issues
    Troubleshoot Cloud Services Platform Issues
    DHCP IP Address Assignment
    Troubleshoot Cisco Colo Manager Issues
    Troubleshoot Service Chain Issues
    Troubleshoot Physical Network Function Management Issues
    Log Collection from CSP
    Troubleshoot vManage Issues
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