Customization and Configuration for Dynamics 365

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3 Days

18 CPD hours

This course is intended for

Students receive comprehensive Microsoft Dynamics exam preparation, becoming familiarized with the Dynamics CRM customization and configuration tools. Aspirants also learn to leverage the platform tools to create custom objects, automate tasks, modify user interface, and perform other such customizations.


Configure the Dynamics CRM settingsConfigure different entities and fieldsImplement entity relationships, custom actions, workflows, and dialogsIdentify scenarios for utilizing multiple forms, and design considerations for chartsSet default share views and public views, and configure and manage dashboardsIdentify role-based business processesIdentify and manage business requirements and teams


This course explains everything you need to know about customizing and configuring the Dynamics CRM 365 system in accordance with a company?s specific requirements.

Introduction to Customization and Configuring Dynamics CRM
  • Talent and Course Introduction
  • Module Overview
  • CRM Overview
  • What is Dynamics Customization and Configuration?
  • CRM Architecture
  • Customization Methodology
  • Module review
  • Obtaining a Dynamics CRM Trial
Manage Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Subscriptions
  • Module Overview
  • Configuring CRM
  • Overview of CRM Security
  • User Administration
  • Mailboxes
  • Teams
CRM Security Model
  • Module Overview
  • Purpose of the CCRM Security Model
  • Privileges
  • Access Levels
  • Security Roles
  • Hierarchy Security
  • Hierarchy Types
  • Module review
Introduction to Solutions
  • Module Overview
  • Solutions Overview
  • Solution Detail
  • Creating and Working with Solutions Working with Solution Assets
  • Exporting Solutions
  • Importing Solutions
  • Module review
Entity and Field Customization
  • Module Overview
  • Types Entities
  • Entity Ownership
  • Entity Properties
  • System vs Custom Entities
  • Custom Entities and Security Roles
  • Overview of Fields
  • Field Properties
  • Module review
Additional Field Customization
  • Module Overview
  • Creating Fields to Meet Client Needs
  • Calculated Fields
  • Rollup Fields
  • CRM Option Sets
  • Alternate Keys
  • Field Level Security
  • State and Status Reason Transitions
  • Module Review
Configure mobile devices
  • Module Overview
  • Types of Relationships
  • How and where they are created
  • Many to Many Relationships
  • Hierarchical Data
  • Entity Mapping
  • Connection and Connection Roles
  • Module Review
Customizing Forms
  • Module Overview
  • Form types
  • Qualities of a good form
  • Building a Form
  • Specialized Form Components
  • Access Teams and Sub Grids
  • Working with Navigation
  • Additional Form Types
  • Multiple Forms
  • Form customizations and Mobile Clients
  • Module Review
Business Rules
  • Module Overview
  • Business Rules
  • Business Rule Scope
  • Trigger Rules
  • Condition and Actions
  • Else Conditions and Actions Occur When Conditions Are True
  • Module review
Views and Visualizations
  • Module Overview
  • Using Views
  • View Customization
  • System View Types Quick Find
  • Customization Charts
  • Customizing Dashboard
  • Themes
  • Module Review
Introduction to Processes
  • Module Overview
  • Processes and Automation
  • Workflow Basics
  • Module review
Business Process Flows
  • What are CRM Business Process Flows
  • Enabling Business Process Flows
  • Steps Stages and Categories
  • Conditional Branching
  • Module Review
Bringing it all Together
  • Module Overview
  • Review of Customization Topics Covered
  • Senario
  • Packaging in a Solution
  • Module review
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