High-Performing Teams

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This course is intended for

This course is intended for organizations that would like to improve the team productivity of their employees and individuals, who take the role of Project Managers, Business Analysts, Team Leaders, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Managers, and any team members.


The key to the success of an IT organization is its employees. The more highly productive the people in the organization are, the greater the business goals the organization can achieve.
By completing this course, the IT organization gains:
trained employees who know the main characteristics of high-performance teams and already have ideas about what to change in their work and behavior to contribute to greater productivity of the team as a whole;
a quantum leap in business results thanks to increased employee motivation, customer satisfaction, and improved communication in teams;
long-term benefit expressed in the transfer of knowledge that the people of the trained team can share with other members of the organization.
A skill that almost every organization looks for in a new job candidate is the ability to work in a team.
If an individual is an expert in a certain field and is invited to work on a large project that includes other experts, it is very important to know how to work successfully in this team.
By completing this course the individual will:
learn the differences between an ordinary team and a high-performing one;
know how to increase your personal productivity;
be able to determine problems that prevent the team from achieving outstanding results.


This course represents highly effective training on developing teamwork skills and teaches students how to interact effectively with other team members. Also, students will learn how to increase their work productivity and resolve and/or avoid conflict situations.

Course Outline
  • What is a team and are we really a team?
  • How to improve team performance?
  • The importance of trust and psychological security.
  • How to approach disagreements and conflicts in the team?
  • How to encourage initiative and commitment in the team?
  • How are self-organized teams created and what are their specifics?
  • How to focus on the results we want to achieve?
  • Each topic includes discussions and exercises.
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