Oracle 19c New Features (TTOR20019)

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3 Days

18 CPD hours


Our engaging instructors and mentors are highly-experienced practitioners who bring years of current 'on-the-job' experience into every classroom. Working within in a hands-on learning environment, guided by our expert team, attendees will explore:
New Features Overview
Multitenant New Features
Security Features
Cloud Services
Big Data Support
Database Installation and Configuration
Database Tuning
Backup and Recovery


Oracle 19c New Features is a hands-on course that explores the newest features such as Big Data Enhancements, Security, Multitenant features, Oracle Cloud Services, Networking, and much more. Oracle is one of the leading databases in industry today. Learn what their latest flagship product has to offer from industry experts.

Oracle 19c New Features Overview
  • Introduction to Oracle 19c New Features
Oracle 19c Multitenant New Features
  • Refreshable PDB Switchover
  • PDB Integration with Data Guard
  • PDB Snapshot Carousel
  • CDB Fleet Management
Oracle 19c Security Features
  • Profile Lockdown
  • Create a User Defined Master Encryption Key
  • Encrypted Passwords in Database Links and Data Pump
  • Create Keystores for Pluggable Databases
  • Datapump and Unified Auditing
  • Schema Only Accounts
Oracle 19c Cloud Services
  • Oracle IaaS
  • Oracle Saas
  • Oracle PaaS
Oracle 19c Networking
  • Database Connection Manager
  • Database Proxy Support
  • Tenant Isolation
Oracle 19c Globalization
  • New globalization for Bind Variables
  • New Database Local Support
  • Additional Unicode Support
Big Data Support
  • New Analytic Support
  • Data Mining Data Warehouse
  • Additional Parallel Processing Support
  • Inline External Tables
Database Installation and Configuration
  • Zero Downtime Upgrades
  • Dry Run Command implementation
  • New location for Password File
  • Improved Bulk Operations
Database Tuning
  • SQL Tuning Advisor and Exadata
  • New SQL Tuning Set API
  • Concurrent SQL and Sql Performance Analyzer
  • Database In Memory Features
  • In Memory Support for External Tables
  • In Memory Features for Analytics
Oracle 19c Backup and Recovery
  • Active Pluggable Cloning
  • Pluggable and non Pluggable Database Migration
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