Palo Alto Networks - Foundations of Palo Alto Networks Traps Endpoint protection (EDU-180)

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This course is intended to provide a top-level overview of Palo Alto Networks© Traps? Endpoint protection product.
Upon completion of the class the student will be able to understand these principles:
Explain the core technologies of Traps? and how it differs from traditional signature recognition technologies.
Understand the advantages of these technologies over existing solutions.
Understand Traps? product architecture and deployment requirements.
Installation requirements for Traps? installations.
Deploy Exploit Prevention Module defenses to endpoints with Policies.
Deploy Malware Protection defenses to endpoints.
Provide Application Execution Control in conjunction with WildFire?.
Understand deployment strategies and tactics for Workstations, VDI and Server endpoints.
Gather and analyze Security Event reports and forensics.


Foundation classes are just introductory trainings, NOT a full technical training.
Compromise isn?t inevitable, or, at least, it shouldn?t be. Traditional endpoint protection simply cannot keep up with the rapidly evolving threat landscape, leaving organizations vulnerable to advanced attacks. A new approach is needed, one that can rebuild confidence in endpoint security.
This new approach needs to prevent advanced attacks originating from executables, data files or network-based exploits ? known and unknown ? before any malicious activity could successfully run. Palo Alto Networks© call this ?advanced endpoint protection.? By focusing on the attacker?s core techniques and putting up barriers to mitigate them, the attacker?s path for exploitation becomes known, even when the attack isn?t.
Traps? focuses on the core techniques leveraged by exploits in advanced cyberattacks and renders these techniques ineffective by breaking the exploit sequence and blocking the technique the moment it is attempted.

The Traps? technology alternative to endpoint defense
Traps? Exploit and Malware protection
Traps? Product Architecture
Traps? Deployment
Traps? Exploit Policy Management
Traps? Malware Protection Policies
Traps? Forensics
Practical Traps? Implementation considerations
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