VMware Cloud on AWS: Design, Configure, Manage 2023

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4 Days

24 CPD hours

This course is intended for

Experienced system administrators, system engineers, and system integrators


By the end of the course, you should be able to meet the following objectives:
Describe the architecture of VMware Cloud on AWS
Prepare and deploy VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC
Configure the scale-up and scale-down of a VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC
Access a VMware vCenter® configuration in VMware Cloud on AWS
Configure internal, external, and inter-SDDC networking
Configure storage integrations and solutions for VMware Cloud on AWS
Configure a connection between an on-premises vSphere SDDC and a VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC
Migrate VMs between on-premises vSphere and VMware Cloud on AWS SDDCs
Describe lifecycle management, troubleshooting scenarios, and disaster recovery solutions for a VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC
Describe how VMware add-on solutions support a VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC


This four-day, hands-on training course provides you with the knowledge, skills, and tools for deploying and managing a VMware Cloud? on AWS infrastructure. You will explore the common use cases of the VMware Cloud on AWS infrastructure that allows you to modernize, protect, and scale applications based on VMware vSphere© that leverage AWS.In this course, you are introduced to various rapid and easy migration options for workloads based on vSphere to VMware Cloud on AWS. In addition, you are presented with VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery?, which is a Disaster Recovery as-a-service (DRaaS) solution, with fast recovery capabilities, that can be used to cost-effectively protect a broad set of your virtualized applications.

Course Introduction
  • Introductions and course logistics
  • Course objectives
Introduction to VMware Cloud on AWS
  • Choosing VMware Cloud on AWS
  • Management and operational structure
VMware Cloud on AWS Platform and SDDC Deployment Preparation
  • Getting started with VMware Cloud on AWS
  • Preparing AWS infrastructure for a VMware Cloud on AWS deployment
  • Setting up a VMware on Cloud AWS account
  • Billing and pricing on VMware Cloud services
Deploying and Scaling and SDDC
  • Deploying and examining SDDC configurations
  • Sizing the SDDC
  • SDDC cluster management
  • SDDC host management
  • Optimizing and maintaining SDDC Cluster using Elastic DRS for VMware Cloud on AWS
Accessing and Analyzing vCenter Configurations
  • Accessing vCenter Server in the Cloud SDDC
  • Analyzing resource management settings in the SDDC
  • Exploring vSphere permissions on VMware Cloud on AWS
  • VMware Tanzu? for VMC on AWS
Networking in VMware Cloud on AWS
  • Internal SDDC network
  • Networking and security options
  • SDDC Network Administration with NSX Manager
  • Creating virtual machines in the Cloud SDDC
  • Inter-SDDC networking
Storage on VMware Cloud on AWS
  • vSAN storage in VMware Cloud on AWS
  • Attaching external storage to a VM running on an SDDC
Working with On-Premises vSphere
  • Hybrid-linked mode
  • Migration solutions for VMware Cloud on AWS
  • VM migration with VMware HCX©
Maintaining and Troubleshooting VMware Cloud on AWS
  • Accessing API with VMware Cloud on AWS
  • Maintenance and support
  • Common troubleshooting steps
Disaster Recovery Solution
  • Site Recovery add-on service
  • VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery?
Using Other VMware Products with the SDDC
  • VMware Aria? Operations for Logs (formerly vRealize Log Insight)
  • VMware Horizon© with VMware Cloud on AWS
  • VMware Aria Automation add-on (formerly vRealize Automation)
  • Using VMware Aria Operations with VMware Cloud on AWS
  • Using VMware Aria Operations for Networks (formerly vRealize Network Insight) with VMware Cloud on AWS
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