WA599G IBM WebSphere Application Server V9 Administration in a Federated Environment

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1.5 Days

9 CPD hours

This course is intended for

This course is designed for WebSphere administrators who have experience with stand-alone application server environments, and want to learn about creating and managing a federated environment.


After completing this course, you should be able to:
Describe the architectural concepts that are related to WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment
Create a deployment manager instance
Federate an application server to a cell
Add a stand-alone application server to a WebSphere Application Server cell
Cluster an application server within a WebSphere Application Server cell
Configure WebSphere Application Server SSL security settings
Deploy applications in clustered environments
Describe the features of Intelligent Management


This course teaches you the skills that are needed to administer IBM WebSphere Application Server V9 in a federated environment.This release of IBM WebSphere Application Server provides enhanced support for standards (notably Java 7 EE), emerging technology, and a choice of development frameworks.In this course, you learn how to configure and maintain IBM WebSphere Application Server V9 Network Deployment. You learn how to deploy and create a deployment manager and federate a cell. In addition, you learn how to create a cluster within the federated cell.Throughout the course, hands-on exercises and demonstrations reinforce lecture content. You gain practicalexperience with WebSphere Application Server V9 by completing tasks such as creating a deployment manager, federating a stand-alone application server, creating a custom profile, and clustering an existing application server.

Course Introduction
  • WebSphere Application Server architecture: Federated
  • Federating a cell
  • Exercise: Configuring the lab workstation
  • Exercise: Creating a federated cell
  • Workload management
  • Exercise: Clustering and workload management
  • WebSphere security: SSL
  • Exercise: Configuring SSL for WebSphere
  • Overview of Intelligent Management
  • Course summary
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